I'm confused, how does the game work?

The game generates a number between 0 and 100, and allows you to bet on what you think the result will be.

Your probability of winning, and payout for guessing correctly is proportional to how specific the range you bet. The payout of guessing correctly is such that the house edge would be 1% or less.

Sometimes the house edge is less than one percent because the payout is rounded to two decimal places, the server accepts that bet and adjusts the house edge to match it. This is in order to give our users the best user interface and game experience possible.

I deposited, but my balance still shows 0?

At this point in time, deposits need 1 confirmation on the Bitcoin network to be added to your account. Upon 1 confirmation, your balance will automatically reflect the change in your balance.

What is MoneyPot?

MoneyPot is an app that uses MoneyPot for all gambling services. This means your balance and bets live there. It is not much more than a UI that places and verifies the bets for you. It has no access to your money, and it can only bet what you authorize it to bet.

Can I invest?

Of course, we accept investment through MoneyPot's investment program and bitcoin wallet. All bets are placed against MoneyPot's bankroll. This allows any casino to immediately place bettings against it. Go to MoneyPot and start investing in the best investment you can make.